About me

Welcome to The Fabulous Journey!

Life. Travel. Document. Inspire…. dive into my world.

Living life with a brain that thinks creatively first, I tend to love many different things and change my life on-a-dime for my passions. From choosing to go to school for fashion design just because I love colors and fabrics, to last minute deciding I was moving to Italy for 5 months and studying abroad. I’ve always lived life on the edge of what’s expected of me and whatever the F*!$ I want.

There is so much I could say about what I love and what I want this blog to be about, but it really boils down to this: I will forever work on mastering my mindset. My life will continue to change a lot on this fabulous journey. Building my life and the legacy I want to leave behind is a major long-term game, and I want to document it all – here on The Fabulous Journey.

 So a little about me…

I am a digital prophet, traveling by mac and backpack to discover inspiration and create phenomenons. Creative innovation is at the core of my DNA. With a lifetime growing up in business, and an education in design, my right and left brain combo is stellar for curation!

I’ve built my career through ideation, innovation, and creation. I love to collaborate with like-minded, brilliant, high energy, positive people. I step up when needed and know how to lead and inspire to be uber productive and get jobs done.

Some hobbies of mine: I’m obsessed with traveling, both for the inspiration and experience. I love to cook and staying healthy. But I do occasionally hit up donut shops and wine bars (…guilty). I also love Crossfit because I like lifting heavy things to be able to eat more donuts! I love designing things digitally (Illustrator and Photoshop are my jam). And I really love socializing and meeting new people!

My specialties include: multi-disciplinary design, branding, creative strategy, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, business innovation, consumer forecasting, apparel design, textiles, social media, research and development.

I’m fearless in the pursuit of my dreams and I am not afraid to work my ass of to get what I desire. When I’ve made a goal for myself, I get laser focused to achieve it. My competitive side shows when this happens and I’ve been told I’m like a bulldog (in a good way of course lol).

It’s going to be people like us that inspire and change the world.

My life motto –  Live What You Love

Time to document a legacy in the making.

XO, Taylor
Great Barrier Reef