Beach Book Cover

A life goal of mine is to have a Hogwarts Library full of books i’ve read! I’ve always loved going to the bookstore, skimming the titles on binders, picking books solely based on their cover (i’m a superficial book picker.. don’t judge). Buying books, and especially starting a new book has always been something fun for me to do! But I am a notoriously SLOW reader, mostly because I really like to digest what I am reading as I’m reading.  I also highlight what I think are the best parts of a book as I read so that I can just go back and skim through the best parts later.

I decided to start documenting and keeping track of all the books i’m reading – right here! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite highlights, a brief review with my very own rating of how likely I would recommend the book. As a way to contribute and keep myself accountable to read more, here are my books! My goal is to read at least one book a month.

Oh! Before I forget! If there is a book you recommend I should read, please shoot me an email with the title, author, and why you think I should read it 🙂 I will happily add it to my list!

xo – Taylor