About Me


My name is Taylor Clark, I am 22 years old, and I live in a suburb of Buffalo with my parents (no shame). That kinda sounded like an AA headliner lol, but I am really excited to start up my blog again. The Fabulous Journey was once a blog I used while I studied abroad to let my family know what I was up to without having to talk to them everyday. The purpose of the blog has changed in concept, now it’s going to be a documentation of what I can accomplish in 30 days because Gary Vee and all of #VaynerNation are watching me (so it’s a little different now).


I graduated May of 2016 with my 2nd degree, first was fashion design, then entrepreneurship. I am also obsessed with traveling, apparel and business. I’ve worked for my mom’s company my entire life (shoutout to The Avanti Mansion) and know what it means to hustle. My parents I truly believe have the same immense work ethic as Gary Vee. When I was growing up I was always with my parents.  Watching them be the janitor, the carpenter, the decorator, the chef, and the CEO. Whatever they needed to do to get the job done and food on the table. After 20 years of hard core hustle, they are now in their 50’s enjoying their lives and working a little less.


I took Gary’s advice to WORK WORK WORK! I have 7 different jobs within my mom’s company; digital media, marketing advisor, waitress, bridal assistant, landscaper, professional food taster and personal assistant. I work 24/7/365 because even when i’m not at the office, we are at the dinner table talking about future plans and things to do. (Reality of working for the family business). It’s nothing new, but I have recently taken more responsibility in the business and there is HUGE potential on the horizon for me there. Who knows, maybe I will be running the entire operation in 5-10 years!

So I am documenting my life’s journey through the #30DayGaryVeeChallenge to see what I can accomplish and discover. With lots of love coming from #VaynerNation, its time to fly. That’s where this journey began. Follow along and share with your friends! I hope I can inspire others to flip the switch back to reality of the grind.


Let The Fabulous Journey Begin!