I’ve been coming up with business ideas and working since as long as I can remember. My parents both have their own businesses, and I grew up working in my mom’s wedding company. So needless-to-say I’ve always wanted to start my own business! Now, I have two ? My biggest passions in life are the apparel industry and travel. So I’m working on building businesses in both!

Digital Nomad Apparel


Digital Nomad Apparel

Digital Nomad Apparel (DNA) is really, really special to me. I went to school for fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California. Since the moment I stepped on FIDM’s campus, I was in awe of everything design, and knew I was going to own my own apparel business one day. Fast forward 5 long years, after I finally built up the cojones to start it… DNA was born!

DNA is the birth child of my long vision for a lifestyle brand. Something that entrepreneurs, wanderlusts, creatives and hustlers alike all want to represent – because the brand is for them. For people like me. For those who are so obsessed with the idea of making something of their lives and living a life they love, they will do anything to build it. For those who love change and want to be the ones who create the change. For those who want to explore all the corners of the world, knowing that the life experiences you get from travel go with you forever even long after you go back home. For those who want to build something greater then themselves, and leave something behind thats a positive legacy to last for generations. For those who want to collaborate with each other, because you know two or three brains combined is always better then one. For those who crave being unique and your own person, because fitting is in so boring and confining. For those who want to spend every single day living a life you love, instead of wasting away your days building someone else’s dreams and not your own. For those of you who finally just want to be happy every day when you wake up, instead of hitting the snooze button dreading even getting out of bed.  So for those of you like that, like me, this brand is for you. And I implore you to join the movement, join the community we’re creating, and spread the word. Because it’s going to be people like us that change the world, and we need to represent our DNA.

Global Vacation Tech Company – Invitation Only

Global Vacation Tech Company

This is a company I joined that allows me to travel and make money doing so. It’s an invitation only club that I was invited to, joined, and now I have the privilege to choose other people to travel with me! If anyone is interested in joining me on my travels, or if you want to just travel more yourself on your current budget, please reach out! I’d love to skype and see if you’re a good fit for the club 🙂