The best in their craft from all around the globe

I’m super excited about this! I’ve always loved when people ask me if I know someone who can do “XYZ”. Something about connecting people together for business, collaboration, or contact has always been something that I loved. Probably because I feel like I am helping others just by knowing someone lol. So this is PEOPLE I KNOW.

I’ve made so many connections through college, #VaynerNation, and random DM messages on social media that I never expected to. So I would like to share with you some of the most talented, diverse, and creative people I know!

Now this is obviously a select few — I understand that. This is like my version of Angie’s List but from my personal contacts of who I believe is top notch. If you want to connect with them, go right ahead! This is a fun, free resource I am wanting to build up for all the hustlers, content creators, movers and shakers out there looking for a recommendation from a fellow friend 🙂

I’ve also create a Facebook group for those of you who want to connect, contribute, and contact each other here! This is a page I am going to be active on as well! Let’s connect!

XO, Taylor